Treasure Tracker

I will be using this page to keep track of all of the treasure earned in our sessions.

This is not a final statement on how much gold and treasure you have earned. It will only keep track of treasure, magic items, and masterwork items found. Standard equipment (ie, weapons taken from enemies) and money earned from selling items, should be tracked by the party.

Session 1: A Cold Attack
Pre-game: cold iron longsword (from Yuln Oerstag
Encounter A: courtier’s outfits (90gp), earrings (25gp), bracelets (90gp), necklaces (75gp), sapphire pendant (50gp), masterwork longsword
Encounter D: 14gp (from fairy)

Session 2: Into the Woods
Encounter E: 14gp (from fairy)
Dead body: composite longbow (+1 Str), masterwork handaxe, dagger, 14gp, 25sp, 18 cp
Encounter G: 24gp, 15sp

Session 3: The High Sentinel Lodge
Rokhar’s chest: gold Taldan ingot (50gp), spyglass, silver ring (25gp), two gemstones (10gp each), pair of boots (15gp), silver dagger w/ hidden compartment containing one dose of small centipede poison. Scrolls: endure elements, magic weapon x2, unseen servant.
Ten-Penny’s chest: healer’s kit (5 uses), belt pouch w/ 25sp, potion of lesser restoration
Rokhar Cindren: scroll of animate dead (10HD), +1 short sword, masterwork studded leather, cloak of the yeti, masterwork thieve’s tools, stolen spellbook (7 spells, or worth 50gp), 15gp
Rokhar’s storeroom three scrolls of lesser animate dead (2HD), greenblood oil x2, 25pp, 150gp, 180sp, ice diamond (100gp), oil of magic weapon x3, alchemist fire x10
Quest Reward: 500gp

Sessions 4 & 5: Further Down the Trail
Dryden Kepp’s body: snowshoes, two +1 animal-bane arrows
The Doll’s Hut blue gemstone (600gp)

Session 6: The Winter Portal
The Fey: potion of cure moderate wounds. Scrolls: remove curse, resist energy. Liquid ice x3, thunderstone x1, 92gp
Teb Knotten: potion of feather step, Spear of Manhunting, 48gp
Teb’s War Chest: potion of feather step x4, ice diamonds x4 (100gp each), silver diadem (300gp), diamond (500gp), jeweled necklace (400gp), painting of a city (100gp), sapphire rings x3 (75gp each), decorative scabbard (125gp), sprite sculpture (50gp), 2457gp, 3313sp, 1760cp

Treasure Tracker

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