Spear of Manhunting

Spear (Simple Weapon, 2-handed melee, +1 to attack and damage, 1d6 damage (Medium, will resize for other users), x3 crit, brace)
Price: 3,925gp

A +1 boar spear, this item will give you +2 AC against a target until the end of your next turn if you brace the spear against a charging target and it hits.

Additionally, the spear of manhunting will, once per day, allow the user to cast hold person on a hit target (DC13 Will save each round negates). This essentially paralyzes a victim, they cannot take any actions or even speak. They are helpless, allowing an attacker to perform a coup de grace.

The hold person effect lasts until the user of the spear releases the spear, removes it from the target, or until the target performs a successful Will save.

Spear of Manhunting

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