Rohkar's Raiders

Rohkar’s Raiders were a group of bandits led by the dark cleric Rokhar Cindren.

Soon after crossing through the portal, Irriseni invaders clashed with the Raiders. Quick thinking by Cindren kept the bandits from death, and they instead formed a truce with the fey: information on Taldor in exchange for acting as the fey’s agents in the lands around the woods.

With the help of the fey, the Raiders took down the High Sentinels, protectors of the Border Wood, and kidnapped Lady Argentea Malassene, holding her hostage in the name of the fey, albeit hesitantly.

The Raiders were defeated by the party from Heldren, and their survivors, along with Cindern, are being held in Heldren, awaiting transport to nearby Zimar.

Rohkar's Raiders

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