Reign of Winter

The High Sentinel Lodge
Horses, Raiders, and a Lady

Session Summary:

- Party reached High Sentinel Lodge, taken by Rokhar’s Raiders
- Avoiding trapped pathway, group searched grounds, including peeking in windows and casting spells to find undead
- Set trap for raiders inside, releasing one horse to distract them
- Takes out two raiders outside, then slide inside and defeat the other three
- Barricade door to sickroom, trapping other raiders inside
- Fight and capture Rokhar and his frost skeleton bodyguards
- Learn about fey Izoze and moss troll Teb Knotten, who are guarding the portal from which the winter weather is emanating.
- Rescue Lady Argentea and take her, Rokhar, and the surviving raiders back to Heldren

Talking Elk, Talking Snowmen, and More Snow

Session Summary:

- Mouse rejoins group seconds after Mairdeth leaves to search for him (convenient!)
- Group meets talking elk that convinced child to fall in river. Discovers elk is just animal companion to an invisible fey creature.
- Defeats elk and one of the fairies that previously escaped. Spellcaster fey and other fairy escape.
- Group maneuvers around trapped snowman and cross frozen river, discovering dead body of farmer on other side.
- Sneak up on camped bandit patrol, defeat them and gather information on the raiders, their leader, and their alliances with the fey.

Into the Woods
Fairies Everywhere

Summary (detail to come)

- Group returned to Heldren to resupply
- Returned to the attack site, followed trail into the Border Wood
- Discovered trapped treasure chest with stockpile beneath
- Fought Arctic Tatzylwyrm, which almost dragged Merdith under the snow
- Was ambushed by three fairies, defeated one, allowed other two to escape

A Cold Attack
Our Story Begins...

Summary (detail to come):

- Group tasked with investigating an attack site, Lady Argentea Malassene kidnapped
- Lone survivor, Yuln Oerstag, spoke of wintertouched fey
- Upon arrival, group discovered two zombies locked in a cart and the captain frozen and broken into pieces
- Returned to town to report and to restock


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