Lady Argentea Malassene

Taldan Noblewoman


Originally from the Taldor capital of Oppara, Lady Argentea Malassene recently passed through the village of Heldren on a return trip from the southern stronghold of Zimar. For what purpose of this trip, rumor can only guess.

What is known is that, shortly after leaving Heldren, Malassene’s caravan was attacked by bandits and wintry fey creatures. With the exception of Malassene and one Ulfen mercenary, the party was slaughtered, and the Lady was dragged off into the woods.

Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Although she’s likely gone back home.

Lady Argentea has been rescued by the party after she was being kept under lock and key by Rokhar Cindren, bandit and evil cleric. The true reason for this kidnapping is still unknown, both to the Lady as well as Cindren, who was under orders from The troll Teb Knotten, himself a soldier of the White Witch.

Lady Argentea Malassene

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