Reign of Winter

The Winter Portal

Moss Trolls, Black Knights, and the True Mission

- The morning after the ambush, the party recovers and sets off down the trail once again.
- The snow becomes increasingly deep, and visibility is reduced to a matter of feet as the group reaches a clearing.
- Good vision by Ronan finds four igloos, a cave, and a set of large footprints, as well as a fey guard.
- Pansy does her best to sneak around the edge of the clearing with her party, but trips in the snow, causing the guard to attack her and Brutalitops with a thunderstone, which causes a loud bang that deafens the two of them and alerts the rest of the encampment to their presence.
- Quick thinking by Ronan evens the battle as he enshrouds the party in an obscuring mist that makes any combat outside of melee nearly impossible, but evens the odds against the attacking fey and keeps them hidden from the moss troll Teb Knotten.
- Expert swordplay by Breida, Pansy, and Ronan (who is temporarily shrunk), along with numerous magic missile blasts by Brutalitops, make quick work of the remaining fey, but the party barely has time to catch their breath before the mist dissipates, revealing them to Teb.
- A potentially brutal battle is over relatively quickly, despite a major injury to Ronan, after some critical swipes by Breida and an expertly-placed alchemist’s fire by Mairdeth leaves Teb a flaming husk.
- After clearing out Teb’s war chest and taking their prizes, the party approaches the portal just in time to see a gaunt figure emerge on horseback. The horse evaporates into smoke, and the injured knight falls to the ground. He explains that he is the Black Rider of Baba Yaga, a harbinger of the Witch Queen’s return.
- He explains that every hundred years, Baba Yaga returns to Irrisen to place a new daughter on the throne. However, she has not yet appeared, and the current queen, Elvanna, is doing everything in her power to keep it that way. She wishes to rule all of Golarion, and has created portals like this one throughout reality to create eternal winter across the entire planet.
- The Black Rider tasks the party with finding the Baba Yaga, whose Dancing Hut is currently being held by Elvanna in the Irriseni capital of Whitethrone. With his last breath, he hands the party two keys, which can be used inside the Dancing Hut to travel across great distances and even to other worlds.
- The Black Rider slits his own throat, and his dying blood empowers the keys and bestows the Mantle of the Black Rider upon the party.
- After healing from their fight with Teb, and with a new quest in their hands, the party steps through the portal…



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