Updates since last session (7/16)

Adventure Logs:
Further Down the Trail (Summary of previous two sessions)
The Winter Portal (Last Session summary)

Baba Yaga
Black Rider
Queen Elvanna

Wiki Pages:
Spear of Manhunting
Dancing Hut
Dancing Hut Keys
White Witches of Irrisen

Treasure Tracker (updated to current)

UPDATE: 7/17

Now that the “prologue” of the story is out of the way, updates will come thicker into this wiki. Additionally, I’ll be trying to get some more backstory into these pages, as I’m not always great at saying EVERYTHING in our sessions. Nor should I, I suppose, that may lead to boredom.

I’ll do my best to post above a list of pages that have been created or updated since our previous session. As usual, if you would like more detail on anything, or would like a page to be created for a person/place/thing that hasn’t already been done, let me know and I’ll pull one together, provided I think it’s something that you CAN know at this point…

Welcome to Reign of Winter, and welcome to Obsidian Portal! I’ll be using this wiki to post summaries of our sessions, as well as provide (possibly too much) information about the people, places, and miscellany of the campaign.

What I write will be pretty sparse, and will likely focus directly on the story. However, this is a wiki, so it’s available for everyone to edit! If you want to go into your character’s page and write up a bio, you’re free to do so. Next session we can talk more about your backgrounds, as you can get some bonus stats depending on what you choose for your character (where they come from, why they’re in Heldren, etc). Hero Points, which we can also talk about next session, are available for a full biography, and others for character portraits!

Additionally, Hero Points are available for those interested in writing up Adventure Logs for previous sessions!

If there are any wiki pages you feel need to be created, you may do that, as well, or ask me to write one up.

Reign of Winter